Environmentally Friendly
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Environmentally Friendly

Autobodies Gold Coast Prides itself on being Eco Friendly/ Environmentally Friendly. We do this everyday it is part of our business practises. We are mindful of the environment because we live and work here on earth.

We use BASF Company Paints. BASF works hard to make products which take into account sustainability.

Baslac is a VOC compliant solution

Source: https://www.baslac.com/en/home

Autobodies undertakes the following processes to be environmentally friendly;

  • Clean and reliable natural gas for energy where required.
  • Disposing of waste in a responsible manner though our providers.
  • Online quoting systems and technology to reduce office paper usage.
  • Paint products used where possible which are environmentally friendly.
  • Recycling bumpers and car parts to reduce environmental impact.
  • Recycling packaging and materials to reduce environmental impact.
  • Workshop lighting which is LED to reduce energy consumption.

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